Items will be sent the day after the order is placed (D+1). The delivery time is dependant on the post ‘s speed. From experience it will take 2 to 3 days for Hong Kong Island or New Territories and take up to 4/5 days for remote areas.

For special urgent delivery please contact us by email…our Fairies might do some magic!

Whaoou, you are really in a rush 😊

Well… little Fairies are magical and can do it, subject to their capacity and additional fees (delivery method and the exceptional use of the emergency magic wand).

You will have up to 2 hours after you place the order to correct your name/text, please contact us by email.

Don’t you like our font (sad face)? Unfortunately, the font cannot be changed and only one is available (for now!). Let us try to convince you; the name of this font is “MOONFLOWER”, isn’t it super cool to have a flower from the moon on your bag?

No, because we will match it with the silver/gold border (except for the Hello Sunshine collection) Please refer to the color chart below:

Don’t worry, little fairies have multiple options for you, either you change your name (kidding), or we can write the name on the bottom part of the bag which allow additional characters. If the name is still too long, the little fairies can reduce the font size with a wave of the magic wand.

Longer delivery time is expected.

As previously stated, we have options. If there are more than 12 characters (space counts as one character) we will print on two lines.

Choosing the box is the best idea ever 😊 you will enjoy an automatic discount of 10% and will receive a super nice tote bag as a gift. Unfortunately, mixing colors is not allowed by the Fairies’ rules. The reason is that the collection is limited and we really want to give the chance to have the whole collection in one set of color.

Don’t worry the little Fairies can help you get one but few additional days will be required to receive it. This option is obviously available subject to the little Fairies capacity, so please contact us for more details.

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