A longtime friendship, a common passion, woven over time and precious events, these are the ingredients that give LittleStoriz this so particular taste. a very special story.

We are two French mums, living in Hong Kong for more than 10 years and passionate by “Do It Yourself” concept in all circumstances

After realizing many things for our own children, we realized that one of the most missing accessories offer in Hong Kong was the backpack for toddler. Both of our children are registered to school and the backpack is a mandatory accessory for their daily life. We have not been convinced by any style offered here in Hong Kong and then we have decided to create our own model!

Inspired by different designs and fabric styles, we have created models which perfectly suit toddlers with adequate size, low weight and easy open and shut system.

The first collection is named “Summer in Paris” as our last trip was our first inspiration source! We have thoroughly selected our materials, fabrics and created fancy designs for toddler and mums to facilitate your life during your family trips!

Each collection is inspired by our trips all over the world and by the fabric we touched and saw in local market !
50% lin et 50% coton
All accessories are customizable with your child’s name or inspirational quote!

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LittleStoriz is thrilled to share little fairies’s passion with you in inviting you to sew your own backpack!

You can choose your fabric, (of course you can also pick your fabric up among our one thousands choices …) You will also be able to print your name on the bag to make it even more unique!

Ideal activity for babyshower, birthday party or just to share a precious moment between friend and /or family

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